Our Kid’s Parties are SO MUCH FUN!

Parents: Sit back, relax, and let us handle the party. We provide a variety of artistic options to ensure your child’s special day is fun and memorable!!

What we offer:

We travel to your home and bring all of the supplies and materials to you at an affordable cost!  All we would need is access to a sink and we’ve got the rest.  Supplies include:

  • Art supplies (canvas, easels, brushes, paint, clay, clay tools, paper, stencils, music, laughter and fun!.. Whatever party package you chose, we bring all materials!)
  • Tables
  • Smocks
  • Protective plastic for your floors
  • Aprons
  • Step-by-step instructions

Kid’s Party Packages

  • Painting Party: We will create a CUSTOM painting on canvas of whatever your child wants!  We will then walk your child and his/her pals step-by-step through it:)  Each child will leave with a beautiful masterpiece created by them!
  • Pointillism Painting Party: Let’s dive into Seurat’s Pointillism technique and learn about the history of it! Each child will learn about the development of Pointillism and about Seurat.  They will then create their own stencils from their very own unique drawings and create an awesome Pointalism Painting that is unique and individual to them!!
  • Claytime Craft Party: We bring the clay, tools and fun!  Our clay parties are customized to your child’s interests!  We can create something cultural (example: African Masks), something fun to teach clay-building techniques (example: shoes), learn about an artist and create a clay work-of-art which represents the style of that artist (example: Georgia O’Keeffe, flowers) or whatever your child wants!

More info:

  • Cost is $240 for 12 children
  • $100 required deposit
  • Parties last 2 hours -We arrive an hour before guests arrive to set-up
  • We do not provide food/beverages/or silverware/paper products
  • Gratuity for your artist is additional

Please note that all Hazy Painting Parties and Hazy Fundraiser Painting Parties are typically located within a 30 mile radius of Schenectady, NY. We can definitely travel a bit further than that (up to 50 miles) with an additional travel fee.

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