January 6th, 2017

So you just purchased or made a beautiful work of art and want to display it just right. How do you go about doing this? What frame should you use? Should you mat your work? Should you use glass?  

Below are tips and tricks for your framing solutions.


1) Tips for Paintings on Stretched Canvas:

Paintings that are created on stretched canvas are:

  • typically not matted
  • don’t require glass (You want to see those colors and brush marks, so the general rule is do not put glass over it)

Tip: If you are purchasing a custom painting and like the idea of having a border or space between the frame and the painting, ask your artist to leave a 2 inch gap! This can have the same clean appearance of being matted.  

There are also frames with liners that give a mat-like appearance.


2) Framing Solutions:

You went to Michaels or a local art/framing store and found a BEAUTIFUL frame on sale that you absolutely love and think your stretched canvas painting will look perfect in.  The only problem is, this frame only holds matted drawings, watercolor paintings or paper.


Do you have to say good-bye to that beautiful frame on sale?

The great news is NO, you can have your cake and eat it to:). There is a wonderful solution to this issue called “Offset Clips”. Most standard-sized stretched canvas would require ¼” Offset Clips, but there are larger options too! They are very easy to install (see below). So grab that frame and some offset clips and let that artwork shine.

3) Tips for Drawings:

  • When framing drawings, it’s recommended to use glass.

  • You can also select mats that look beautiful with your work of art! 

There are several matting options: Single-mat, double-mat and other options relating to how the inside of the mat is cut (straight edge or bevel edge).

The choice and preference of colors are yours!  If you’re in need of recommendations, I would suggest using simple, neutral colored mats for colorful drawings. You can have fun and experiment with colorful, double-mats with black and white drawings!

Tip: When selecting a double-mat that you’d like to bring bold colors to, it’s wise to have one neutral color (black, white, grey, cream) with your bold color.

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Happy framing!



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